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Your Picsible account balance can be used as cash for all Picsible orders and will be automatically applied at checkout.
Here you can find how every dime in your wallet found itself there.
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How to Grow your Wallet
Here are ways you can grow the cash in your wallet.
• Add the 10% commission you make from the friends you recommend to Picsible - using your unique invite link - to your wallet.
• ₦500 automatically goes into your wallet when you tag us in a photo of your frames AND we repost it. Applicable to Facebook, Instagram (@mypicsible) and Twitter.
How to Use the Money in your Wallet
The money in your wallet is automatically applied when you checkout. In other words, let's say you have ₦4,000 in your Picsible Wallet and you are trying to buy a ₦6,000 product on Picsible. All you need to pay in Cash (real money) is ₦2,000 as the ₦4,000 in your wallet will be automatically applied to your order. Click Use your Earnings below to get started on using the money in your wallet